Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Red Squirrel stronghold

As part of a nation-wide plan to help safeguard the country’s surviving Red Squirrel population, some of the Forestry Commission woodland in Galloway has been declared a Red Squirrel Stronghold site.

There are 18 sites across Scotland, each site being at least 2000 hectares in size. This will mean around 100,000 ha will be managed to maximise food supplies for Reds (from cone bearing conifers) and restricting food sources preferred by Greys (large seeded broadleaves.)

The population of Red Squirrels in Scotland now represents about 75% of the UK total.
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Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Tree cutting at Glentrool

We are currently harvesting in the Glentrool area and many of our walkers and bike trails are diverted from the visitor centre. This work will continue for a couple of weeks, as soon as the trails are back to normal ill let you know.

Please follow all diversion signs from the centre, these are put in place to keep you safe whilst we carry out our forestry work.

Bye for now