Monday, 26 April 2010

Was that who I thought it was?!

Staff at our Clatteringshaws visitor centre were very excited recently when they heard their first Cuckoo of the season. I was at the Deer Range today and heard my first of the season too which was brilliant!

Many of the visiting warblers are being very vocal just now too including willow warblers, chiff chaffs and black caps.

A great orchestra of bird song is going on out there and with a bank holiday weekend coming up there is no excuse but to get out there and enjoy it!


Monday, 19 April 2010

Basking in the sun

Hope you have had a great weekend, the weather has been brilliant for getting out there and enjoying the forest park!

The recent warm weather has led to a few Adder sightings in various locations across the forest park. Please take care whilst exploring and be especially mindful of this if enjoying the countryside with your 4 legged friends.

If you come across an Adder do not approach it and leave it where it is. Adders won't attack unless they feel threatened so give it plenty of space and walk on past. Because they are cold blooded they warm up using the heat of the sun and then once 'fully charged' they head off to hunt for small rodents and lizards. They are not interested in us and purely defend themselves when they think they are under threat, e.g accidentally stepped on or handled.

What to do if you or you dog is bitten:

If your dog is bitten, or you suspect your dog has been bitten, take it to the vets immediately.

If you or a family member has been bitten seek medical attention immediately.

The Adder is the UKs only venomous snake, they are native and protected by law.


Monday, 12 April 2010

Stop... look.... listen........great isnt it!

The dawn Chorus is in full swing now as each male bird goes about defending his territory and trying to attract a mate.

From the wren with their very loud and full hearted trill to the gentler flutey sound of the robin the crisp spring air is full of song. Add to that the warmth of the sunshine and the smell of freshly cut grass and I'm in sensory heaven!

Clatteringshaws is usually a great place to hear visiting willow warblers at this time of the year, which are very distinctive with their descending tune. Pull in and enjoy a gentle stroll along the short trail to Bruce's stone, its not far and delivers a real audio treat.


Thursday, 1 April 2010

Pretty flowers above your head.

If you find yourself out for a stroll in your local woodland this Easter weekend then look out for some flower buds on the path beneath your feet.

Look for redish purple flowers on the path under larch trees. These are the tiny female flowers from the larch which will develop into the small cones we often see hanging from their branches during the winter.

When you have found some larch flowers on the ground, look up. you should be able to see the very same flowers growing on the tree. The ones on the ground have most likely blown off due to the high winds we have had recently.

There are lots of larch along the trail at Penninghame pond.

Have a great Easter! Maybe we will see some of you at our Easter event this Sunday at Kirroughtree!