Friday, 24 June 2011

Deer Range Diaries

Deer Range tours have now started for the season at the Red Deer Range. The stags antlers are growing at an amazing rate and we are getting great sightings of some of the wee calves who were born early June and are VERY CUTE!

I've attached a couple of photos of one of last years calves but a picture is not as much fun as actually seeing these youngsters for yourself and a Deer Range tour is great for that.

There is a tour next Tuesday and Thursday 11am, then daily - Sundays to Thursdays (11am) from the 3rd July.

Visit our website for more information Galloway Forest Park Red Deer Range

Have a good weekend


Home Tweet Home

The swallows at Glentrool have babies!!!

We are not sure how many chicks there are or when they hatched, but we definitely saw a little beak that popped over the top of the nest when I was at the visitor centre today.

Barbara and Shona at the centre said that the parent birds have been back and forth a lot of late, probably with food for the little ones!

Still no pictures of swallows to post yet I'm afraid.


Thursday, 2 June 2011

Home Tweet Home 2011

Our Swallows have returned to Glentrool visitor centre again this year and have been busily preparing their new home to raise a family. We would love to bring you live footage from the little camera outside streamed to the TV inside the centre, but guess where they have built their nest this year?!!

....That's right, on the little camera!! (we've decided that they have become camera shy!)

I will try and get a couple of photos of their new home and post them here shortly, along with progress of the growing family!