Monday, 15 February 2010

Winter in the Woods!

A walk through the woods at any time of the year can be a real treat as there is always something different to see. At the moment the hardy Snowdrop has broken through the hard ground and is lighting up the forest floor, delivering hope that spring is just around the corner.

A really good place to see Snowdrops just now is at Cally woods, Gatehouse of Fleet. There is an interpretation board in the car park that shows you where the best displays in Cally are.

I love the woods at this time of the year, with the broadleaves bare of leaves, wildlife watching is so much easier. As the familiar orchestra of bird song starts to fill the air again, for me its like catching up with friends you haven't seen for ages as our resident feathered friends start to occupy territory and make their plans to impress a potential mate and settle down for Spring. Nature really is amazing and there is no better way to enjoy it then to get your walking boots on and experience it first hand.