Thursday, 19 May 2011

Deer Range Diaries

Newly born Calf!

Yes you read it right, our first 2011 red deer calf has been born at the range. Both mum and calf are doing brilliantly. This is a very early arrival as the calves are not generally born until early June.

Which means our 3 native species in Galloway will be having, or about to be having, their calves too. Please bear this in mind if out exploring woods and hills and keep any dogs you may have with you close by. Being chased by dogs is highly stressful for any wild animal, especially if they are pregnant or with young.

I'll post some pictures of our new arrival when I can. In the first few days they are quite shy and hide in the grass a lot under the watchful eye of mum. But when they are a bit braver I'll see if I can get a photo!