Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Roaring Stags at the Deer Range

The fight for alpha male is almost up at the Red Deer Range and it would appear that Cameron had a tough battle on his hands this year with a younger male called Angus.

At one point it looked like the 10 year old Cameron was going to lose all of his collected hinds to a stag half his age and fierce fighting took place between the stags for over a week. With some battles lasting 20 minutes at a time the all important fight for top slot really takes its toll on each of the stags.

The stags eat very little during this time as they are far more concerned and preoccupied with constantly rounding up their hinds making sure they don't wander off or worse still another stag doesn't lure them away!

Angus did well and showed he is a fit and strong young male. Cameron may have won the hinds this year but I think he has a real challenger to be wary of for next.

Here are some pictures taken yesterday of Cameron and some of his hinds.


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